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Benin Bronze of an Oba with Two Assistants, 16th century, brass, 19” x 15”, Benin Kingdom (Nigeria), British Museum, London, Photo by Michel Wai via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 License.

The Brits and the Benin Bronzes

This is one of hundreds of brass sculptures (mistakenly identified as bronze sculptures) created by the Edo people for the palace of the Court of Benin, which was a sprawling cluster of buildings in present-day Nigeria. Today this sculpture and … Continue reading

Carving by the Makonde tribe of East Africa of an Elephant Shetani, c. 1974, African blackwood, Photo by Gadfium, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Just a Second: Shetani

Shetani (noun) The Makonde tribe that lives in Tanzania are master sculptors who create unique and powerful objects that are collected by museums as well as tourists. These works of art that are based upon tribal myths and stories are … Continue reading