Victory Stele of Naram-Sin of Akkad, 2254-2218 B.C.E., pink limestone, Musee du Louvre, Paris, Photo by Profzucker via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.

Just a Second: Stele

Stele (noun)

An upright stone slab decorated with sculpture or writing.

The Victory Stele of Naram-Sin of Akkad shows the Mesopotamian King Naram-Sim’s victory over the Lullubi people in the Zagros Mountains in the 12th century B.C.E.  In the stele, Naram-Sim is climbing the mountain above his soldiers and enemies, who are much smaller than he.  The two suns at the top symbolize the deities that assisted him in the victory and the horned helmet shows that Naram-Sin claims divine status.