Photo from the "Art of Video Games" exhibition at the Smithsonian, Photo by blakespot, Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution License.

Make the Time: Video Game Art at the Smithsonian

Are video game graphics “art” in any sense of the word?  Yes, indeed they are, and it’s high time someone put together an exhibition dedicated to the subject.  Last week, the Smithsonian American Art Museum proudly opened its doors to their exhibition entitled, “The Art of Video Games,” that runs through September 30, 2012.

The exhibition covers the forty year history of video games as an expressive artistic enterprise, from the pioneers of the medium to contemporary artists.  The focus of the exhibition is on the interplay between technology, graphics, and storytelling through still images and videos.  Naturally, visitors also have the chance to play some games.  This may be the only art exhibition that you’ll be able to drag your kids to this year, so don’t miss it!


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