Portrait of the Roman Emperor Caligula, 37-41 CE, marble, 13” x 8¼” x 9¼”, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Photo by Jacqueline Poggi via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License.

Make the Time: Yale University Art Gallery

After nearly ten years years, Yale University has opened the doors to a $135 million renovation and expansion of their art museum that combines three older art galleries into one, creating one space of over 64,000 square feet in which to display their magnificent collection of fine art and artifacts.

Ennead Architects’ renovation of the space unites three disparate architectural styles of older buildings into one in the same thoughtful and smart manner that the curators juxtapose works of art from fifteenth-century Mexico with twenty-first-century America.

One could easily spend an entire day walking around this new space at a very enjoyable pace viewing the popular Van Goghs, postwar modern art including some incredible Rothkos, gems from 13th– and 14th– century Italy, the remarkable collection of ancient Greek, Egyptian, Assyrian, and the trove from Dura Europa, not to mention the American masterpieces by the museum’s founding donor, John Trumbull.

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