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Fayum Portrait, c. 200 CE, encaustic paint on limewood, 13¾” x 6¾”, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Fayum Mummy Portraits: Gaze into their Eyes

This is a portrait painted on a piece of wood that was affixed to the head of a mummified body.  This fayum portrait, a type of portrait named for the Fayum region of Lower Egypt, and others like it are … Continue reading

Queen Nefertiti, c. 1348-1336/5 BCE, Limestone, 19” high, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Ägyptisches Museum. Photo via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Queen Nefertiti: Isn’t She Lovely?

This sculpture of Queen Nefertiti of ancient Egypt is arresting because she is beautiful in the twenty-first-century sense of the word.  She easily could be on the cover of Vogue.  Her set jaw and her large almond-shaped eyes that gaze … Continue reading