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Gustave Courbet, Self-Portrait with Pipe, Gustave Courbet, Self-Portrait with Pipe, 1848-9, oil on canvas, 45 x 37 cm, Musée Fabre, Montpellier, France, Photo in Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Happy Birthday Gustave Courbet

Gustave Courbet French Realist Painter Jean Désiré Gustave Courbet was born on June 10, 1819 to Régis and Sylvie Oudot Courbet in Ornans, France. The charismatic leader of the Realist Movement rejected the artificiality of Neoclassical art and the prevailing Romantic style, preferring … Continue reading

Goya, art, painting Francisco Goya, Charles IV of Spain and His Family, 1800, oil on canvas, 9’17” x 11’, Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

The Subversive Francisco Goya

King Charles IV did not reject Francisco Goya’s less than flattering group portrait, Charles IV of Spain and His Family, but we know he didn’t like it much. This is not a surprise. One easily could argue that Goya made … Continue reading

Winslow Homer, The Fox Hunt, 1893, oil on canvas, 38” x 68½”, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Make the Time: Winslow Homer’s Studio in Maine

Winslow Homer, the American Realist painter, lived and worked in his studio at Prouts Neck in Scarborough, Maine for nearly thirty years before he died, creating many of his most memorable paintings such as The Fox Hunt.  Today, this studio will … Continue reading

Vincent van Gogh, Sower at Sunset, 1888, oil on canvas, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Vincent van Gogh and Jean-François Millet: Let’s Drink to the Salt of the Earth

 Jean-François Millet’s The Sower was Van Gogh’s favorite painting.  He loved the way the French artist from the Barbizon School painted the peasant in such a way that he is ennobled, yet the scene is unemotional; his face is largely concealed.   Millet presented the laborer as … Continue reading

Édouard Manet, Olympia, 1863, oil on canvas, 51.4” x 74.8”, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, Photo by Gautier Poupeau, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Édouard Manet: Just Another Nudie?

In 1865, at the Salon in Paris, the official exhibition space for the art academy, there were many, many paintings of nude women, so why did this one by Édouard Manet cause such an uproar?  The public hated this painting!  … Continue reading